Formula X ‘Demolition’


Hey everyone I’m just going to do a quick little post, this is a swatch of the new Formula X polishes for Sephora. I was attracted to the Formula X polishes right from the start because of the bottle design. In case you are wondering about the caps, they come off just like the Chanel bottles or Butter London bottle caps. Which I absolutely adore so naturally I picked up quite a few of these. So you will be seeing more swatches coming up as I swatch them all. On to the polish!

I used one of my new favorite 2 coater (almost one coater polish) called ‘Standout’ as a base which is also from Formula X for Sephora. Then I did 1 coat of Formula X ‘Demolition'(part of Formula X for Sephora’s Xplosives collection) on top, the coverage was amazing for one coat. I make my own polish so I didn’t grab any other ones like this one because I felt I could save money and make them. Demolition particularly had color glitters that I don’t own in my stash which is why I picked this one up.

All in all I loved the way a nude base looked with Demolition on top so I actually picked ‘Standout’ not just because it was a beautiful nude but also cause I wanted to try the combo that you see now.

If you don’t own any of the new Formula X polishes yet I suggest you pick up a few lol the formula for all the polishes in my collection so far have been easy 1 to 2 coater polishes. Dry time has been great as well!

What do you think about this combination? What color base would you choose with Demolition?

Til Next time!

My Caviar Nail Polish creation


Hey everyone yes I’m back I know if you’re one of my followers you’re probably thinking that this is highly unusual for me to have a post everyday haha. None the less here I am with yet another post on caviar effect nail polish (like Essie’s Belugaria) that I created myself.

This time I’ve created my own caviar effect nail polish because I think I’m obsessed with the weirdness of it all. Having a polish that looks like jagged rocks that pirates buried the treasures in and over time the treasure and jewels merged into the rocks lol THATS PRETTY AWESOME! So let’s get to it.

I made a really blue polish and added some turquoise jewels inside, and on my one ring finger I left Belugaria to compare. If you look closely you can see that my creation is just a tad bit smoother (not by much).


The application is the exact same! A really thick textured polish can get messy so applying a thin coat the first go round and then dabbing on the second coat works best!

Over all I love this look no matter how weird it may look to some! I think the concept of buried treasure on your nails is just astonishing! I wanna make more of these in different colors too! So maybe ill have some more combos to show you in the future.

Making this polish was a little challenging at first and I had absolutely NO IDEA how it was going to turn out but I’m glad it worked out in my favor!

That’s it for now I hoped you like my creation and ill see you next time!

Creme & Sugar’s Spring Year Round & Essie’s Belugaria

Creme & Sugar's Spring Year Round & Essie's Belugaria

Hello lovelies, If you saw my last post you saw a full swatch of the weirdly beautiful Belugaria from the Encrusted Treasures collection by Essie. I couldn’t get over the beauty of Belugaria so I had to bring it back for another appearance! I wanted to do a mixed manicure having a soft nude polish with soft glitter and 2 hardcore accent nails. What better than Belugaria to fit the ‘hardcore’ mixed with a soft nude look. So lets get to it!

In the photo is a swatch of 3 nails painted with 2 coats of American Apparels ‘Palm Springs’ and on top is 1 coat of my very own brand (Creme & Sugar nail lacquer) ‘Spring Year Round’ its a gorgeous soft glitter topper with pearly white glitters yet it has random neon POP’s of color in the mix. ‘Spring Year Round’ has a GORGEOUS shimmer that shifts from a teal green to vibrant blue, you can catch the shimmer especially when applied over darker colors.

On my ring finger and pinkie I applied one thin coat of Essie’s ‘Belugaria’ and then for the second coat I used the dab method. Then I went back and dabbed a tad bit more on any areas that I may have missed or didn’t get enough texture on.

Tip: Applying Textured polishes (especially the extreme chunky ones) can get messy! So grab yourself a slightly firm brush ( I prefer a square tip thin brush) and dip it in some acetone and just clean up around your cuticles a bit if a little flooding happens. Nobodies perfect but with a simple brush and acetone to clean up flooding, it’ll look like you professionally went and had your manicure done when you actually did it in the comfort of your own home!

Overall I love this manicure Its not in season for Christmas but who cares! Look how awesome that looks! Please feel free to tell me what you think about this mani. :)

You can purchase ‘Spring Year Round’  here!

You can find Essie’ polishes at many of your drugstores! I purchased mine from Walgreens! ^_^

You all have an amazing super early morning! See you in the next post!


Crème & Sugar’s Couture Pink


Hey everyone I’m showing you a polish today from my very own shop called ‘Couture Pink’ its a very pretty crellie/jelly polish that’s in a pink base with a Gorgeous blue shimmer filled with all types of shaped glitters including adorable little hearts dots and skull shaped glitter! This I definitely one of my favorites.

I used 3 coats by itself and a glossy top coat by glisten and glow.

You can find Couture Pink and many other colors here!

I’ve got many more swatches to show you so stop by weekly!

Let me know what you think? Would you ever wear Couture Pink?

Essie’s Belugaria

Essie's Belugaria

As promised here’s another polish from Essie’s Encrusted Treasures collection called Belugaria. This polish is VERY unique and weird, a lot of girls seem to either be on the hate/love side of the fence when it comes to this polish. Its a super textured black polish with medium size holographic hex, it seriously looks like hidden gems that someone buried and over time the gems merged with the rock (fossilized maybe). Regardless which side of the fence am I on? The Love side! I like weird, unique and beautiful, this polish fits that description perfectly!

Heads Up: This polish is super thick I found it easy to apply a thin coat and for the second coat use a dab motion and spread any areas you may have missed or want darker.

Dry Time: Very Fast

Texture: Extreme ( can get caught in your hair) You could add a top coat or 2 to maybe smooth it out some.

Overall: I’ve always loved a good unique polish, and I’ve always loved textured polish from the smooth ones to the rough ones. So I am super happy with my choice here! Would you ever rock this look?

Essie’s Lots of Lux

Essie's Lots of Lux

Hey everyone I’ve been gone for quite a while! Turns out its harder running a site by yourself after all. But I haven’t forgotten about my blog (I missed my blog) I’ve actually been practicing taking photos just for this very moment :) This is a swatch of Essie’s Lots of Lux from the new Encrusted Treasures collection. Their whole collection seems to be either a Hate It or Love it type of collection! There is lots of texture in their collection and this color is on the soft textured side but l’ll be posting a REALLY ROUGH textured polish from there collection that seems to stir all the rage on whether you hate it or love it! So check back in a few!

Weird Textured mani


Hello all yes I’ve been gone for a while I’ve been mixing recipes etc in my cook lab hehe (breaking bad) except with nail polish ;) how have you all been doing? Well today is just a quick mani I created yesterday last night it was really simple too.


I used a base color which is a duochrome I created I hope you can at least see how the blue turns purple in some of the photos. I’m still learning how to work lighting and my camera. Btw If you can’t tell I now have better lighting which is really helpful for capturing the true color of the polishes I create and post pictures of in my shop.

This mani was super simple you just paint your base of whatever color you want, then you do a thin stroke of a second color down the middle then follow with an even thinner stroke of another color down the middle of the first stroke! Then you’re done :)

I absolutely love!!!!! LA girls sandblast textured polishes because they really remind me of the leather effect polishes by nails inc. and they are affordable! The colors I used are ‘Sand Storm’ (nude color), and I used ‘Sandy Beach’ (blue color).


You can purchase LA girl polishes on their website there are so many more colors to choose from so go take a look! As for the duochrome I created I plan on making plenty of cream polishes along with duochromes and holographics! I’m just test running at the moment.

Thank you for following my blog and I plan on posting more often now that my shop is open and set up! I actually was missing my blog hehe! What do you all think of this mani? Comment below!

Til next time!